MacBook Cases

Skinit MacBook Cases + Skins

Skinit's MacBook Case offers the ultimate package of protection and personalization on the market.

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Double the protection, without sacrificing style. With each MacBook Case + Skin, you’re not only keeping your laptop safe, but with thousands of originally designed and officially licensed designs to choose from, you also get to show off your unique, one-of-a-kind style.

Port Accessibility


Built to fit MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, the Cases + Skins keep all USB cables and ports exposed so you can plug in & charge without inconveniently removing the case.

Multilevel Protection


Each skin prevents smudges and small scuffs while the Clear Case guards against daily drops, scratches & wear & tear.

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Our MacBook Case + Skin offers the most advanced multi-level protection compared to other alternatives currently on the market. Specifically engineered for your MacBook, the Case + Skin offers many key features that not only enhance your style, but allows for complete coverage of your system. Here’s how it works:

The MacBook Skin is the first layer of our advanced multi-level protection system. The skin shields your system from pesky fingerprints, dust, oil, and light scratches that would otherwise taint the look of your MacBook. Not only does the skin add protection, but is fully customized to whatever unique style and design that shows off your true colors. The skin itself is made from premium 3M vinyl and finished with a UV-Protected top coating. This allows for no sticky residue to be left behind while the 3M material allows for an effortless application without air bubbles or wrinkles.

The second and most important layer of multi-level protection is the clear case. The clear case gives the ultimate protection against dirt, spills, scratches, and damage from overall wear and tear from using your MacBook. Specifically designed for your device the clear case perfectly and seamlessly fits your device allowing for an effortless installation process. Specifically crafted for the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, the clear case offers various key features that were made to enhance your overall experience. These features include silicon padding at the base of the case which keep your MacBook completely secure, an advanced ventilation system to improve heat-dissipation, and overall elegant craftsmanship allowing for clear access to all charging and usb ports.

Here at Skinit we acknowledge that your MacBook case should keep your device protected, but also enhance your personal aesthetic while not lacking either or. We believe that MacBook Cases are more than just protection - they’re an opportunity to add color, and bring life to wherever your journey takes you. Skinit's MacBook Case + Skin gives you the choice to do what other cases can't. A complete and total experience, perfectly curated for your MacBook.