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Skinit gaming mouse pads designs


Skinit's high-performance extended gaming mouse pads are designed to maximize the precision and accuracy of your mouse movements while you're immersed in the game. If you want the best custom gaming mouse pads, our desk mats are made to take desktop personalization to the next level.

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Skinit CYO mouse pads designs
Skinit CYO mouse pads designs for mobile


We offer our own Create Your Own Customizer, which lets you to upload your own image, design, or logo to make it your own truly unique one of a kind truly custom gaming mouse pad. Our custom gaming mats are created using the latest dye-sublimation vivid printing to guarantee long-lasting bright vivid colors and crisp clean graphics.

Skinit mouse pads designs
Skinit mouse pads designs for mobile


Our gaming pads are made from premium quality materials that are water and stain-resistant. The large surface area makes mouse movements more accurate with high-resolution gaming mice. Take your gaming experience to the next level with our premium quality gaming mouse pads. On top of the great performance aspects, you will experience plush comfort while you're at your desk, which helps eliminate hand, wrist, and arm strain.

Power to stay design


A soft high-traction surface made from a 3mm anti-slip plush rubber base backing locks it into place on your desk. Letting you focus on whatever task you're working on, no matter if it's work or gaming action.

Mouse Pad Design


Precision stitching creates high-quality anti-fray edges, eliminating deformation and de-lamination. Never worry about your gaming pad falling apart, these are designed and made to last. With our performance low friction smooth top surface, resulting in superior quality and unmatched glide, accuracy, and targeting.

Skinit mouse pad designs
Skinit mouse pad design for mobile


We offer a wide variety of in-house designs, or you can create your own custom design. Our gaming mats are high-performance with the style and design you want. Treat yourself and your gaming setup to one of the best gaming mouse pads and feel the difference that our custom gaming mouse pads make. For added personalization, we also offer custom skins for your keyboard, mouse, and headphones.

The non-slip soft rubber base ensures that it stays put, no matter how intense the action gets. While the glide-enhanced micro woven cloth surface delivers ultra-smooth precise accurate tracking of your gaming mouse movements. We offer sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and XL. Whether you choose from our wide variety of designs or create your own custom mouse pad, we offer a personalized, stylish solution that is sure to please all tastes.