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Black Hex PowerBeats Pro Skin

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Take your PowerBeats Pro into the next dimension with Skinit's Black Hex PowerBeats Pro Skin. Featuring a deep black soft-touch coating with enhanced hexagon grips, the Black Hex Skin will instantly transcend your PowerBeats Pro. The Black Hex PowerBeats Pro Skin provides a superior vinyl decal finish to your PowerBeats Pro, keeping it sleek and lightweight with a futuristic touch. Redefine your PowerBeats Pro style and buy the new Skinit Black Hex Skin online today. Your Powerbeats Pro earphones are completely wireless and give you high-performance sound - now let Skinit help you personalize them with a Textures decal skin. This Black Hex skin is precisely cut and crafted to flawlessly fit on your Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro earphones, so whether you're working out or zoning out, you can be sure your Powerbeats Pro earphones are looking stylish with a Textures skin on them. Crafted using premium 3M, all Powerbeats Pro Textures skins are easy to apply and are guaranteed to not leave any sticky residue left behind on your Beats. Buy a Textures Powerbeats Pro skin online from Skinit today.
Bullet Features
  • Black Hex Texture Skin for PowerBeats Pro for enhanced style, grip and soft touch feel
  • A premium Black Hex Texture PowerBeats Pro Skin that is easily applied and won't leave any residue on your device
  • Skin fits the 2019 Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro earphones
  • Created with top-notch 3M vinyl
  • Includes 2 Powerbeats Pro Earbuds Skin + Case Skin
  • Dimensions 6.10 x 5.10 x 3.20