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Apple iPhone Cases

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From durable, thin and functional, Skinit provides different phone case types to protect any iPhone. Select your Apple iPhone model below and explore all phone case designs.

Samsung Phone Cases

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Protect your new Samsung phone with cases made for any Galaxy smartphone. Built with style in-mind and made for ultimate phone cover protection. Choose your Galaxy phone and shop all phone cases.

Google Phone Cases

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Explore all phone cases made for the latest Google Pixel smartphones. Accessorize and defend your phone with cases built for style and durability. Select your Pixel model and find a phone case that fits you.

LG Phone Cases

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Explore the latest phone cases made for LG smartphones. More than just phone cover protection, Skinit offers an assortment of LG cell phone cases to suit any style. Find an LG phone case that matches you.

Motorola Phone Cases

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Browse all phone cases made for Motorola smartphones below. For thin, lightweight & transparent phone cover protection, a Motorola phone case from Skinit is just what your Moto smartphone needs. Pick a Motorola phone case that suits your style.

OnePlus Phone Cases

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Skinit's OnePlus phone cases makes for the perfect accessory. Buy a OnePlus phone case that best meets your protection needs.

iPad Cases

Add a clear, sleek layer of protection to your iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Mini and more. Pick your Apple iPad model below.

iPod Cases

Protect your iPod in style with a Skinit case.

MacBook Cases

These case + skin option is the perfect way to protect your MacBook in style without sacrificing function.