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Princess Jasmine iPhone 7 Plus Cargo Case

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Who doesn't love Princess Jasmine? Prove how much you do with this Princess Jasmine Cargo Case, a must-have accessory for your iPhone 7 Plus if you're her biggest fan. This Princess Jasmine design features authentic artwork straight from Disney on a stylish neutral background, so your iPhone 7 Plus will not only look trendy but will have the classic touch of Disney that every device needs! If you're looking for the perfect everyday case, look no further. The Princess Jasmine iPhone 7 Plus Cargo case offers twice the protection against scratches, dust and accidental damage, so you don't have to worry about your iPhone 7 Plus breaking or cracking.
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Bullet Features
  • Official Disney Princess iPhone 7 Plus Cargo Case
  • A beautiful Disney Princess Jasmine Case designed for Aladdin fans.
  • Features textured sidewalls for easy gripping and reduced slippage
  • Decorated with a premium 3M vinyl decal skin
  • Dimensions 3.25 x 0.43 x 6.32