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Nile Galaxy S10 Plus Lite Case

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Nile is a color that's a light and soft shade of green - making this Nile Galaxy S10 Plus Lite Case a unique way to personalize and protect your Galaxy S10 Plus. Add a straightforward accessory to your Galaxy S10 Plus today with Skinit's Nile Green Lite Case. The ultimate way to show off what you're most passionate about is with the Nile Galaxy S10+ Lite Case from Skinit. Our Color Palette Lite Cases provide lightweight and durable protection for your Galaxy S10+ without taking away from its sleek design. The low-profile, slim coverage Lite Case from Skinit is guaranteed to keep your Galaxy S10+ looking fresher, longer. Make a Galaxy S10+ Color Palette Case from Skinit yours today.
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Bullet Features
  • Nile Case for [product_line]
  • An original Skinit Nile [product_line] Case
  • Each Lite Case is our lightest case offering and maintains the slim profile of your S10+
  • Premium design printed in stunning, vivid color and protected with a scratch-resistant finish
  • Material Info One piece snap-on polycarbonate case.
    Model Compatibility Galaxy S10+
    Dimensions 6.21 x 2.95 x 0.31