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Grey Marbling iPhone XS Max Cargo Case

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Featuring chic marbling patterns in modern grey gradations, the "Grey Marbling" iPhone XS Max Cargo Case design will add contemporary looks, hip vibes and premium protection to your iPhone XS Max. Accentuate your iPhone XS Max with Skinit's "Grey Marbling" Cargo Case to showcase your favorite color palette and sense of style. The Grey Marbling iPhone XS Max Cargo Case from Skinit provide bold, rugged style and protection for your new iPhone. Each Marble iPhone XS Max Cargo Case is engineered with two tough, protective layers while the side rubber grips make it easy to hold and use. Buy the Grey Marbling Apple iPhone XS Max Cargo Case from Skinit today!
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Bullet Features
  • Grey Marbling Pattern + iPhone XS Max Protection
  • Made For Any iPhone XS Max, Crafted For Modern Style
  • Superior iPhone XS Max protection
  • Features textured sidewalls for easy gripping and reduced slippage
  • Material Info Tough hard shell with a high-impact rubber liner.
    Model Compatibility iPhone XS Max
    Dimensions 6.20 x 3.05 x 0.30