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Crushed Turquoise 2DS XL (2017) Skin

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The "Crushed Turqouise" 2DS XL (2017) Skin features tones of aqua blue, shades of sea green and a unique crushed marble pattern. The "Crushed Turquoise" marble Skin design will add premium protection to your 2DS XL (2017). Inspired by trendy marble textures and ocean palettes, crush the style you want and protect your 2DS XL (2017) with the "Crushed Turquoise" marble Skin designed by Skinit. Game in style with a Crushed Turquoise Nintendo 2DS XL skin from Skinit. You have upgraded your handheld gaming experience with a bigger screen 2DS XL, so why not show off some Marble style on top of it? Did we mention the best part? The Crushed Turquoise vinyl skin decal is lightweight, just like your 2DS XL, making it easier than ever to protect and level up your 2DS XL style without any extra bulk.
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Bullet Features
  • Crushed Turquoise Pattern + 2DS XL (2017) Protection
  • Made For Any 2DS XL (2017), Crafted For Modern Style
  • Fits the Nintendo 2DS XL
  • Year: 2017
  • Dimensions 7.40 x 0.01 x 15.00