skinit gaming mouse pads

Skinit Gaming Mouse Pads

October 17, 2022


What is the best mouse pad for gaming? Skinit knows something about this subject, because we make the best. Computer users know what a mouse pad is, but a lot of them think a mouse pad is just a mousepad, which is a misconception we want to clear up. What was once just a simple foam and fabric pad that sat on your desk, has become a growing industry in and of itself. Skinit has taken gaming mouse pads seriously and we strive to bring you the best-performing gaming mouse pads that enhance the experience between you, your mouse, and your computer. When you're using the best gaming mice, you should be using the best gaming mouse pad. Why limit the performance of your mouse with a regular pad?

Gaming mouse pads are quickly becoming the standard by which all others are judged. Contrary to the name, a gaming mousepad is not just for playing video games, they are being used by professionals in the office, as well as casual home users who understand the value and benefits that a well-designed and constructed mouse pad brings to the table (pun intended). 

skinit mouse pads four sizesskinit mouse pads four sizes


Another huge benefit you gain from using a gaming mouse pad is a larger size. Years ago, mousepads were all relatively the same basic size and materials. Most of today's modern mice are high-resolution optical designs, which means that they track your mouse movements in a more precise manner, which means less fatigue on your wrist and a more enjoyable experience. Having more surface area has a few easily recognized benefits that you will notice and feel immediately. With a full desk mouse pad, you won’t run out of room when using your mouse, which will allow more freedom of movement. Not to mention you will have plenty of room for your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

Skinit has a mouse pad that is the size that's right for your needs and desk size. Whether you need a smaller pad or want to cover your desktop with one of our extra-large gaming pads, we offer a size that will bring your experience to the highest level of comfort and style.

Available in four sizes, Small (12.6" x 11"), Medium (17.7" x 15.75"), Large (31.5" x 11.8"), and Extra Large (35.75" x 15.4").

skinit mouse pads bottom surfaceskinit mouse pads bottom surface


Skinit’s custom gaming mouse pads are constructed using a 3mm rubber bottom surface that provides a firm non-slip grip to your desk, meaning that it won’t slide or move around when you use it. The last thing you want is for it to move when you don't want it. Our mouse pads stay put, so you don't have to think about it when working or gaming.



Our gaming mouse pads are made to last and look great for the life of the pad. Featuring precision stitching that creates an anti-fray boundary around the edges, which ensures that it won’t split apart or delaminate. This helps eliminate deformation and keeps the pad lying flat on your desk, which means that the entire surface of the mouse pad will remain smooth and level so that your mouse doesn’t encounter any bumps in the road.

skinit mouse pad stitched edgeskinit mouse pad stitched edge


One of the main reasons to use a gaming mouse pad is to experience smooth accuracy and targeting of the movement of your mouse. What this means is that the sensor of the mouse will react much more precisely and accurately with the surface of the pad.

When gaming, this means that when you want your cursor to be in an exact specific spot on the screen, it will respond to your movements in a precise real-time manner. What this does for you is that it ensures that you have smooth accurate tracking when you move your mouse, as well as reducing strain and movement on your wrist.

Most modern gaming mice have adjustable setting for the DPI and having the right amount of friction will affect how your mouse tracks at different DPI setting. Our pads are designed with a micro-weave textured surface that creates the perfect balance of tracking and movement.

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You might ask yourself, where can i get a custom printed mouse pad? Skinit is the answer as your one stop source for the best custom mouse pads. If you can't decide on a design from our massively large collection of choices, we offer a create-your-own customizer that will allow you have us print anything you can dream of. This means that you can have your favorite family photo, an image from your favorite movie or TV show, or even your own logo or company branding printed on it. You simply choose the size you want and upload your artwork, and we print it for you, using our cutting-edge dye-sublimation vivid printing technology, resulting in crisp graphics and vivid long-lasting colors. Skinit has gone to great lengths to make sure we can offer the best mouse pad printing results.

skinit create your own customization mouse padsskinit create your own customization mouse pads


Skinit's mouse pads add to the comfort level of your mousing experience, which can help to reduce wrist and hand strain, meaning longer sessions without pain or discomfort. Our mouse pads not only look great, but they provide a plush layer to your desk. When you’re using your computer it’s important to have the most ergonomic experience possible, which means increased comfort and less fatigue.

Desktop personalization is now something that people take seriously and Skinit specializes in bringing a personalized experience to your desk. Some people want the simplicity and discreet look of a mouse pad that is just a simple solid color, while some people want to represent their favorite sports team, TV show, or superhero, or one of the multitude of in house designs we offer.