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ResMed and Skinit Team Up

Resmed mentions their partnership with Skinit in their latest press release.

ResMed Inc., a San Diego, Calif.-based company that produces CPAP machines used by some people with sleep apnea, began selling a smaller, bedside model in the standard medical color palete —blue, white and off-white—in 2005. Its newest model, introduced last year, comes in shiny silver, and pink says David Pendarvis, chief administrative officer for the company. Its CPAP customers now have a choice of exteriors like a wood-grain pattern or a personal photograph: ResMed partnered with Skinit Inc., a company that makes covers for cellphones and laptops. Designers looked at clock radios, Bose music players, and other items that might sit on a night table to hone the desired look, Mr. Pendarvis says. Several factors are pushing the changes. Boomers want to stay in their homes longer and are sensitive to being labeled "old." The oldest boomers are turning 65 and are more design conscious than their parents—who they may also be buying products for. "It's the Apple generation," aesthetically, says David Webster, a partner and part of the health practice at IDEO, a design firm that works with medical companies. Mr. Webster says his company is getting more requests from medical companies to integrate new design ideas. Read Full Article Here: