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Resmed mentions their partnership with Skinit in their latest press release.

Resmed mentions their partnership with Skinit in their latest press release.

This quarter, we’ve also taken the initiative to engage existing patients through personalization of CPAP devices. And in this case, we have an exclusive agreement with a company called Skinit, that literally makes skins for various devices, iPods, cellphones, and so on. Skins represent a unique way to personalize a device, to get SDB patients more intimately connected with their machine, which we hope, or anticipate, may even help to drive compliance. Skins may also create a way to help patients reconnect with therapy and potentially bring them back to treatment if they’re being non-compliant. Therapy adherence not only drives patient health, which is the primary goal, it is also a good business, as it provides an accessories revenue stream for the HME and may also provide consumer pull for ResMed products. And thus far, even though we’re only a couple of weeks into the skins program, or the Skinit initiative, thus far physicians and HMEs both are incredibly enthusiastic for the product. In short, with S9 products for her, Skinit, and Pixie, we continue to address the needs of a wide range of patients suffering from sleep disordered breathing. Now let me switch to ventilation. Sales of the Stellar 100 and the 150 continue to grow progressively in Europe and parts of Asia, but as people would understand, it takes time to launch a new product. But Stella is meeting our expectations. Read the full article here: