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Skinit Launches its New Customizer Tool for Unlimited Personalization of Skins for Consumer Electronic Devices

Skinit brings the ultimate personalization tool to partners and end-consumers for customized skins fitting thousands of devices

January 7, 2008 CES Las Vegas, NV -- Skinit, Inc., the global leader in consumer electronic device personalization, today announced the launch of the Customizer - an enhancement to the previously successful Photo Uploader option.

The Customizer allows consumers to not only upload their own photos, but also to scale and manipulate designs, select images from a web-based graphics library and apply type to thousands of consumer electronic devices including mobile handsets, MP3 players, laptop computers and gaming consoles.

The Customizer offers an intuitive and flexible interface that provides a rich user experience. Users can scale, rotate, set image transparency, add stylized text, drop in different shapes and designs, choose background colors and select vector-based images from the Skinit graphics library or from web-based partner libraries. Additionally, each side of the device can be designed and customized independently from each other.

"You now have the ability to add your own photos, photos from any URL or photos from hosted libraries of images and designs. You can then easily drag-and-drop them to your skin and customize them even further with text and art," says Paul Buss, CEO of Skinit. "It creates unlimited personalization options, and we have been overwhelmed by the response from consumers since we recently made the tool available on the Skinit website," Mr. Buss continues. "Personalization is clearly a hot trend and a way for consumers to express their own individuality and uniqueness - and the Customizer provides the ultimate tool for doing just that."

The Customizer is also an integral part of Skinit's on-demand personalization platform that currently powers more than 16 partner websites including Hewlett Packard, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and Dell. Offering seamless integration, partners can now match brand colors, place logos and apply customized designs and images that both align with brand guidelines and support promotional campaigns.

About Skinit

Skinit provides leading OEMs, wireless carriers, MVNOs and distributors with turnkey personalization platforms to increase product differentiation, sales velocity, margins and brand impressions. These platforms allow OEMs, wireless carriers and MVNOs to offer personalized skins to their customers via internet, OEM, retail and promotional channels. Skinit provides the largest, most advanced on-demand manufacturing, fulfillment, supply chain, image portfolio and product line available, including the Skinit Customizer that allows consumers to upload and decorate their own photos. Skinit's photo quality removable skins are made from exclusive 3M materials and are customized to fit consumer electronic devices including mobile handsets, MP3 players, desktop and laptop computers, gaming consoles, routers, monitors among others totaling over 4 million SKUs.

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