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Skinit Announces Three Fresh New Skin Collections to Drive Growth in Personalized Mobile Device Market

Company adds metallic, fabric and bling skins to vast portfolio of customized skins fitting thousands of devices

Skinit, Inc., the global leader in mobile device personalization, today announced the launch of three new product lines - Metallic Skins, Fabric Skins and Bling accents - aimed at providing fresh new choices to drive growth in the personalized mobile device industry.

"The market uptake for Skinit's personalized Skins has grown tremendously over the last year. Today, a majority of US Tier-One carriers are offering their subscribers on-demand personalization. Our skins have proven to be an effective driver for these carriers in providing an on-demand handset personalization option for their customer base and providing differentiation through specialized promotional campaigns," says Mr. Paul Buss, CEO of Skinit. "In introducing these three innovative Skins, we're taking the mobile device branding wave a step further."

The new materials will be available to fit thousands of devices including mobile handsets, MP3 players, desktop and laptop computers, gaming consoles, monitors and other devices.

"It's a proven model that allows consumers to customize the look of each mobile device on an individual basis. At the same time, Skinit's industry-leading manufacturing and fulfillment model makes it available on a mass-consumption level." Mr. Buss continues.

All three new Skinit product lines are exclusive and industry firsts. The Skins offer a customized fit with removable 3M adhesive for all major mobile handsets and consumer electronic devices. The Metallic series offers a sleek metallic look available in gold, silver and bronze shades. Fabric Skins are made of water resistant fabric that provide devices a protective layer and a comfortable, slip free grip. For a more glittery personalization, sparkly Bling accents will be available for the entire Skinit portfolios and as customizable patterns for brands such as Disney's Tinkerbell. All new skins will be showcased at Skinit's booth # 175 Hall A as well as featured in the Fashion-in-Motion shows at CTIA 2007, Orlando, FL March 27-29 2007.

About Skinit

Skinit, a division of Global Wireless Entertainment, is the global leader in mobile device personalization. Skinit provides leading wireless carriers, MVNOs and OEMs with turnkey personalization platforms to increase sales velocity, margins and brand impressions. These platforms allow wireless carriers, MVNOs and OEMs to offer personalized skins to their customers via internet, OEM, retail and promotional channels. Skinit provides the largest, most advanced on-demand manufacturing, fulfillment, supply chain, image portfolio and product line available. Skinit's removable skins are customized to fit thousands of devices including mobile handsets, MP3 players, desktop and laptop computers, gaming consoles, monitors among others. Customers can also customize the look of their skin via Skinit's Photo Uploader on its website.

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