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Create Your Own

Create Your Own

Turn your photos into a memorable case, skin or canvas



Create Your Own design in 3 easy steps

Custom Cases & Skins by Skinit

You use your phone to express yourself to the world online, now you can show your style everywhere you go in the real world too.

Show up at the game sporting the team logo on your phone. Are you a Hello Kitty girl? Bring her with you everywhere. Favorite comic character? Batman or Iron Man?

Choose from thousands of popular licensed brands like Star Wars, DC Comics, or Betty Boop. Your favorite sports team - NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL. We've got you covered. Show your love for a university fraternity or sorority, group membership, favorite characters, famous artwork, movies, games, creative designs... There is a skin for you!

Or just be you and create a unique, one-of-a-kind design - upload your own photos and artwork! The possibilities are endless! Just use the Customizer! Personalize and protect all of your electronic devices with form-fitting skins, covers & cases. Skinit products have been designed to perfectly fit the unique contour of your device. They are ultra low-profile, ensuring they will not interfere with docks, chargers or other accessories.

Supported devices include all Apple MacBook products, popular Android phones , laptops , tablets and more!

Personalize your Apple iPhone and iPad with a cool protective case. Give your MacBook a makeover that really stands out at the office or coffee shop. Maybe choose a great piece of artwork that you admire. Van Gogh, Monet or Classic Art choices.

iPhone 6, Android , No problem. Skins Fit perfectly. HTC, Galaxy S6, LG... most models have custom fit cases available.

All of your gaming devices can have awesome custom-fit skins. Xbox and Playstation Consoles, controllers, and your portable PSP or Nintendo DS...You can really get creative... set up the PS4 with your Favorite NFL team and have matching home and away colors for the controllers. Takes Gaming to the next level.